Who is Veris Technologies?

Veris Technologies, Inc. designs, builds, and markets sensors and controls for precision agriculture. Veris is a sister company of Geoprobe Systems® (, a worldwide supplier of environmental and geo-technical equipment.

Pictured below are Natalie Ray, Eric Lund, Chase Maxton, Kyle Jensen, Paul Drummond, Giyoung Kweon, Kenton Dreiling, and Tim Dunshie. These individuals comprise the Veris team, and combine abilities in electrical and mechanical engineering, agronomy, marketing, manufacturing, and business development.

Veris Company Photo In addition, many of the Geoprobe® staff assist Veris Technologies with production, engineering, shipping, and clerical support.

Where is Veris Technologies?

Veris Technologies is located in Salina Kansas,which is in the middle of Kansas and the United States. We encourage our customers and those interested in precision agriculture to stop by for a visit.

What We Do

We design, manufacture, and market soil sensors and controls for precision agriculture. The Veris development team includes members who know electronics, and those with an understanding of agricultural equipment. Our team knows what it takes for a product to stand up to the rigors of commercial agriculture. And we provide the support needed during a busy season. Our innovations extend into the field, as we join with our clients and the research community to develop and refine applications for Veris products. Veris technology is covered under US patent #6,356,830, and #7,216,555. Patents on other products are pending.

How We Do It

Geoprobe® and Veris have more than 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space with approximately 10% of this devoted to Research and Development. A complete range of computer-numerically-controlled metal-working equipment is available for production and R&D: shears, press brakes, lathes, mills, along with welding equipment. A well-equipped electronics lab is used for the production of various controllers, field computers, and other electronic instruments. The lab is also used for R&D and includes a CNC mill for rapid prototyping of circuit boards.


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