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These are the most common service questions

1. How do I return a Veris part for repair?

Call Veris (785) 825-1978 or email [email protected] for a Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number.

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2. Why am I not getting GPS to come in to the Veris system?

  • View GPS Troubleshooting Tree [PDF] 44KB
  • Check GPS hertz rate—must be set to 1hz
  • Make sure the GPS output is at 4800 baud, 8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit
  • NMEA messages GGA and either RMC or VTG must be activated
  • If you are certain these are correct, record data strings on laptop (in HyperTerminal) and email page of strings to [email protected]
  • Verify proper serial cable from GPS: DB9 connector, female sockets; GPS signal on pin 2, ground on pin 5; no signal or power on other pins
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3. Why am I getting some negative EC values?

See Questionable EC signal Troubleshooting Tree [PDF] 52KB

Occasional negatives can occur in many conditions, and are more prevalent in dry soils. If both shallow and deep values are negative, that point is eliminated from the data file. If only one is negative, the point is recorded. Typically, if less than 5% of the values are negative or missing, there is an adequate amount of data remaining to generate an acceptable map.

  • If dry soil is the issue, lower implement deeper into the soil; additional weight may be required.
  • Lower speed if field is rough, allowing the implement to maintain better contact with soil
  • Use test load and test box/ohmmeter to test electronics, continuity, and electrode isolation (see manual)
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4. Why isn't the Veris hydraulic drive working?

See Drive Troubleshooting Tree [PDF] 664 KB

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5. Why isn't the pH Sampler cycling properly?

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