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Mobile Sensor Platform (MSP3)

Tractor based multi-depth sensing, the MSP3 is the most advanced platform available.

U Series 

Light vehicle mapping options make the U3 and its three sensors an attractive option.

iScan+ (cart compatible)

Tractor based multi-depth sensing, the MSP is the most advanced platform available.

The new Q Series provides a low draft dual depth EC mapping option. It features proven Veris EC mapping, but in a lighter weight design—perfect for use with an ATV/quad bike and for shipping anywhere in the world. Its spring steel tine-mounted disks follow ground contours and absorb rocks. 15” (38cm) diameter disks provide good soil contact in light residue and tilled soil.



Whether you’re collecting soil cores, measuring compaction, or characterizing soil profiles—the Veris line of hydraulic probes has the technology to meet your needs. The Veris 4-Sensor probe acquires spectral measurements in the Infrared and Red range, along with soil EC and insertion force sensing.


The Veris 3150 is built on the Mobile Sensor Platform (MSP). This means other sensor modules—such as pH or optical, can be added to the platform. Customers who envision mapping with those sensors in the future can get started using the MSP with EC 3150. The MSP provides additional flexibility: it can be used in a pull-type or 3-point hitch configuration. Its coulter-electrodes can be moved and wings extended to allow mapping in emerged row crops—or wings removed for vineyard or other narrow applications. 



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