The Sensors

With the precision provided by Veris Technologies’ on-the-go soil sensors you can accurately and intensively map soil variability — giving you the information you need to get the most out of your soils.  Regardless of your agronomic needs and equipment capabilities, Veris has a platform that fits you.

Most popular, powerful model. Maps EC at 2-3 depths, OM and pH on-the-go.
U Series 
Maps soil EC, OM, and pH behind a UTV. Uses SpeedRead™ pH technology to take pH readings in ~10 sec.
Q Series
Q Series
Light weight soil EC sensor platform easily pulled by ATVs, allowing for rapid field scanning of up to 1,000 acres per day.
Optic MapperV3150 and OpticMapper
The base V3150 measures EC at two depths. It can be configured with a dual-wavelength OM sensors (OpticMapper) and on-the-go pH sensing module (MSP3).
This is the model that launched on-the-go soil mapping. With its dual-depth arrays and rugged reliability, it has become the standard for commercial EC mappers around the world
The Veris 4-Sensor probe acquires spectral measurements in the visible and near-infrared range, along with soil EC and insertion force sensing. Also equipped to take deep soil cores.

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