Fusing Soil and Topography Data into Precision Application Maps

Many factors contribute to differences in productivity within a field. Until now growers and their advisors have had no easy-to-use solution to combine these key soil and field characteristics into actionable maps.

Veris® FieldFusion™ transforms soil and field data into fused maps that can guide precision applications from variable rate seeding to locating the ideal moisture probe placement.

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Intro to FieldFusion™ and Rx Writing    FieldFusion™ 2: Sensor Fusion


PrecisionSeed, the first fused data layer in the FieldFusion™ platform, is a fusion of the two primary properties responsible for water and nutrient holding capacity: texture (soil EC) and organic matter.

With PrecisionSeed, growers and their advisors can be confident they have accurately delineated productivity zones and that the right rate will go on the right acre. PrecisionSeed removes the doubt surrounding alternative VRS zones by providing an unprecedented diagnostic report on the soil in each zone.

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Put lime where it's needed, save money where it isn't

It's been long reported that soil pH varies drastically within farm fields. University and industry research has found it would take around 10 samples per acre to accurately characterize pH levels within a field.  This isn't feasible with conventional sampling and lab analysis. However, it is possible and profitable with on-the-go soil sensing.  

Growers around the world are using PrecisionLime recommendations created by the dense data collected by the Veris Mobile Sensor Platform.

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